Sunday, March 15, 2009

Image Watermarking

We all know that when image is posted on the internet it no longer belongs to you.

It can be arguable, but nevertheless, any user with browser can simply save it on HDD and you can do nothing about it.

One of the ways how to control image distribution is Digital watermarking.

In my case I had ~100 images that had to be watermarked. There are two ways how to do this: manually (e.g using Photoshop) or write some code to do the job automatically.

In case of simple watermarks: horizontal/vertical text everything is simple, but things become harder when watermark text should be positioned diagonally.

After poking around the web I found this brilliant article. The code did it job well, so I wired it into small console app, and voilà - 105 files watermaked in less then 20 seconds.

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