Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Microsoft Announces Mobile Device Manager 2008

Recently Microsoft announced Mobile Device Manager 2008

What they are saying about this new technology:
"Mobile Device Manager 2008 is a solution that gives organizations enhanced on-device security and over-the-air policy enforcement. It allows IT professionals to more easily manage phones within the organization, and gives mobile employees access to confidential information on corporate networks with firewalls."

That means mobile devices can be integrated into corporate IT infrastructure and become part of it. IT personal will be able to control mobile devices and enforce corporate security policies on them.

At least one software company announced support for the Mobile Device Manager 2008.

How this new technology can help software development?

Generally device in the field is connecting to the enterprise network through the Internet. In this case device is initiating connection and is playing the role of client.

With this new technology it is believed that devices will become part of the enterprise network and internal applications will be able to "talk" to devices via secure channel transparently.

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