Sunday, September 16, 2007

Google Reader Increase Productivity

Nearly a month ago I've stopped using Internet Explorer 7 as my primart RSS reader. The reasons were:
- IE7 is not quite stable, after 4-5 days of uptime it hangs or crashes
- Feed items are bound to one computer
- It consumes CPU when feeds updating.

So, I've exported my IE7 feeds into an OPML file and imported them into Google Reader.
Now my feeds are all in one place, which is good, their update doesn't take my CPU cycles.

P.S. Lifehacker has some tips how to increase your productivity with Google Reader.


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  2. At 'thescript' I was via microsoft newsgroups.

    But, nevertheless, I navigated the link you gave me and saw your problem.

    serialPort_DataReceived is a handler which can be invokes by other threads. In that handler you're assigning string to control. To resolve the problem you have to use Control.BeginInvoke(...) method.
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