Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Financial education

This subject really bugs me for some time. I'm software developer, engineer. In school and university we didn't study that subject. Now I see that its one of the most important and SHOULD be studied, since everything in our life is connected with finances.

Good start to understand why financial education is so important is the books by Robert Kiosaki. For Russian and Ukranian readers there's e-version of his books here

Rather good blog about finances is Get Rich Slowly


  1. Vadym, I do not think such kind of education should play important role for technical man (for example, me) ... Let the people choose whatever direction they want ...

  2. This kind of education is important to anybody, since every person uses/needs money, including technical folks.

    These are general words, but take a look at engineers who earn fortunes and you'll see that they do not ignore financial education.